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Evolution at the Surface of Euclid: Elements of a Long Infinity in Motion Along Space

Marvin Eli Kirsh
Year: 2011 Pages: 26
Keywords: energy matter and geometrical form, The Elements of Euclid, science discourse and power, mind and matter, the concept


It is modernly debated whether application of the free will has potential to cause harm to nature. Power possessed to the discourse, sensory/perceptual, physical influences on life experience by the slow moving machinery of change is a viral element in the problems of civilization; failed resolution of historical paradox involving mind and matter is a recurring source of problems. Reference is taken from the writing of Euclid in which a oneness of nature as an indivisible point of thought is made prerequisite in criteria of interpretation to demonstrate that contemporary scientific methodologies alternately ensue from the point of empirically centered induction. A qualification for the conceptualization is proposed that involves a physically describable form bound to energy in addition to contemporary notions of energy bound to form and a visually based mathematical-physical form is elaborated and discussed with respect to biological and natural processes.