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Synoptic Insights into ONE Reality

Satya Pal Asija
Year: 2010
Keywords: Antroptimum, principle, life, miracle, good, eveil, system, open, closed, thermodynamics, conservation laws, Body, brain, soul, mind, spirit, intelligence, male, female, triple channel, creation, unif
Part I of this paper comprises insights into one reality of secular science and part II with creation science. Upfront are a few definitions and assumptions. The topics covered are very synoptic and cover a very broad range of concepts, principles and proposed laws. Following are a few examples merely as teasers.
  1. Quantized interface between FTPU (Finite Temporal Physical Universe) and the ubiquitous IEVU (Infinite Eternal Virtual Universe)
  2. Universal Relationship Law which is comparable in scope to Newton's Universal Gravitation Law
  3. Corrections to work of such Icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Einstein
  4. Theory of Gravity
  5. The Significance of the Anthroptimum Principle
  6. Opposite relationship of light and sound speeds to density
  7. Five way miracles of light and life
  8. The invention of Zero and the confusion caused by its four distinct uses
  9. The equivalence of absolute 0, 1 & infinity to each other as well as their respective reciprocals
  10. The battle is between good and evil (and not science & religion) and Inversion of Relative Good & Bad
  11. The Fiction of closed systems and laws of conservation and how they compromise laws of thermodynamics
  12. The whole being (Body+Brain+Soul+Mind+Spirit+Intelligence)
  13. The nature of body and soul as M & F and Iso & Cross and resultant Hetero and Home Relationships
  14. Nine stages or conditions of human beings from birth to death
  15. Ten mysteries of evolution and Triple Channel Evolution
  16. Mature ubiquitous creation
  17. What did God do in 1st two days of creation and why
  18. Light as as limit and why nothing travels at speed of light, not even light
  19. Properties and attributes common to everything (virtual particles, irreducible complex, real time, designed, entangled) and many more
  20. Nexus of One Reality to Theory of Everything