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Superlight, a Dynamic Aether, Explains Pushing Gravity and Inertia, and Says No Neutrinos, Gluons or Dark Matter

John V. Milewski
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
When Maxwell equations is solved using negative number an new form of radiation is identified. This is a radiation I call Superlight and it is Magnetioelectric in nature. It travels at a speed 10 billion times faster the light. It is generated in black holes by energy exchange from magnetic monopoles by a process similar how electromagnetic radiation is generated when electron (Electric monopoles) change energy stated in dropping from one orbit to a lower one.

With about 200 billion Galaxies producing Superlight , this forms a ?Sea of Energy? we are living in. Some call it Vacuum energy, Zero point energy, Dark Energy, Chi , Neuos ,Orgone and many other names but it's all the same specials form of magnetic energy. I believe the action of Superlight produces all forces and is the unified energy field the Einstein was looking for in his later days.

It explains why Gravity is a push and is the same force that hole the nucleus together. It is only the geometry and density of matter that changes the force. Gravity and inertia are not intrinsic properties of matter but a force artifact that resulting from the presence of the all prevailing fields of Superlight. It also explain why there is no need for Neutrinos, Gluons, and Dark Matter. It explains that the missing mass of the universe in not missing but in the form of energy and that energy is the all prevailing field of Magnetioelectric Energy or Superlight. Come hear how it all comes about. ?One Source One Force?.