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The Cause of Gravity: A Concept

Duncan W. Shaw
Year: 2010 Pages: 9
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity sets out a theory of gravity which does not postulate a physical force as the cause of gravity; rather, it provides a geometric explanation for gravity. The present paper makes a proposal to fill this gap with a concept of gravity that is strictly physical. The proposal is premised upon the propositions that a sub-atomic substance (?aether?) permeates space and that stars, planets and other cosmic bodies absorb aether. The absorption of aether is seen as part of the process of the operation of cosmic bodies. The mechanism which this paper offers as the cause of gravity is that the absorption of aether by a cosmic body causes a flow of aether towards the cosmic body, and the inflow of aether exerts ram pressure upon any matter in its path. The result is gravity. This paper also considers several phenomena which may be explained by the proposed aether and gravity concepts.