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Rudiments of a Theory of Aether

Ionel Dinu
Year: 2010 Pages: 48
Keywords: aether, mass, inertia, electromagnetism
This is the talk delivered via internet at the 16th Annual Conference held by the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) in May, 2009, and presented under the title "Have You Done Experiments in Fluid Mechanics Lately?". I now make it available to those interested in the aether because it contains in one document the most important ideas that together form, I think, the rudiments of a rational and consistent theory of the aether. At the top of each page are the slides shown at the conference followed below by the transcript of the verbal explanations. When the transcript was longer than the space under the slide, the slide was repeated on the next page and the transcript continued. The experiment referred to in the talk, showing the role played by the intervening medium (water) in the attractions and repulsions between two cylinders rotating in it can be viewed on YouTube as it has been recently uploaded on that site.