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Detection of the Relativistic Corrections to the Gravitational Potential using a Sagnac Interferometer

Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
Michael Harney
Year: 2008 Pages: 6
Keywords: General Relativity, Gravitational Potential, Relativistic Corrections, Sagnac Interferometer,
General Relativity predicts the existence of relativistic corrections to the static Newtonian potential which can be calculated and verified experimentally. The idea leading to quantum corrections at large distances is that of the interactions of massless particles which only involve their coupling energies at low energies. In this short paper we attempt to propose the Sagnac intrerferometric technique as a way of detecting the relativistic correction suggested for the Newtonian potential, and thus obtaining an estimate for phase di erence using a satellite orbiting at an altitude of 250 km above the surface of the Earth.