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Radiative and Dynamical Implications of Electrogravity

Toivo Jaakkola
Year: 1994 Pages: 5
Keywords: Radiative, Dynamical, Electrogravity
The term electrogravity (EG) is suggested for the force acting in processes such as the edshift, QSOs, the CBR and processes that resolve the background paradoxes, where gravitation and electromagnetic radiation are both strongly present and affect each other. Radiation due to EG is denoted by EGR, and parallels between EGR in QSOs (and to a lesser extent in galaxies) and EGR in the form of the CBR are pointed out. Electrogravitational dynamics (EGD) gives a theoretical unification of gravitational phenomena on various scales. Until now, several ad hoc forces or other additional hypotheses have been needed to explain these effects.
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