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Unified Theory (Lulu.com) Preview

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2010 Pages: 10
Keywords: Unified Theory, Gravitation, Relativity, Quantum Theory, Nonexpanding Universe
THE UNIFIED THEORY: A complete paradigm shift in Physics & Cosmology

This book on Unified Theory is an update on the 1990 book-?Unified Physical Theory' and 2002 book-Realistic Foundations of Physics & Cosmology. In a paradigm shift Unified Theory (UT) presents the grandest ever ?unified' replacement for the Relativity, Quantum, Quark-lepton, Higgs, Electroweak, Supersymmetry, String & Big Bang theories. Light-wave propagates in the new Sharmon medium (SM) as a kinetic gas, composed by sharmon, as the basic substance composing all forms of energy E & mass m for their inter-conversions via E= mc2. The existence of Sharmon Medium is supported by the experiments of Young, Fresenel, Sagnac & Dayton Miller. Sharmon comprises elementary +ve positrino and -ve negatrino called cosminos. UT has two elements (positrino, negatrino), two charges (mass, electric) and two forces (gravitational, electromagnetic). The quark-lepton theory with Supersymmetry has over 200 elementary particles none of which satisfies the definition of ?element' that composes other particles but is itself non-composite. Cosmino mass is innate. Massless and mass generating particles (Higgs) do not exist. It is predicted that the Geneva based Large Hadron Collider will not find the Higgs boson. UT rejects weak & color charges; weak & strong forces and also strings.

Space & time are abstract concepts evolving from our life-long perceptions of successive motions & changes in surroundings. These two abstracts cannot fuse into any concrete spacetime continuum. UT discards 4-D and higher dimensional spacetime continua as mere mathematical constructs bereft of any physical existence. Theories based on them are unrealistic.

UT explains General Relativity's bending of light due to gravity and constancy & invariance to source-observer motion of light velocity c, the two postulates of Special Relativity, as also observed variability of c and superluminality, which invalidate relativity theories. UT explains wave-quantum unity for light which splits into QT's wave-or-quantum dualities due to experimental limitations to observe only one of the wave & quantum characters at a time not both simultaneously. UT opposes relativity's contraction of objective length or dilation of objective time due to observer motion, massless photon & neutrino and sizeless basic particles. It rejects QT's Uncertainty Principle and proposes the new Principle of Null Action with universal applications. No fermion, neutron or neutrino, is electrically neutral.

In a universe expanding as per Big Bang or Steady State theory redshifts should increase exponentially with time which is not actually observed. In UT's Non-expanding Universe redshift is caused by non-Doppler depletion of photonic energy due to viscous, gravitational & EM losses; cosmological observations, even on Ia type Supernovae that amazed astronomers, are explained.

This present book will serve as a source to revise the textbooks at the University, College & School levels and will interest the teachers, research scholars and students of Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology &c. The book is worth translation into all major languages of the world.