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The Precise Positron and Electron

Thomas N. Lockyer
Year: 2010 Pages: 4
Vector particle physics shows that all precision in nature scales from the precise size of the electron and positron. The fundamental physical constants are known to within a few parts per billion uncertainty. These vector positron and electron identically return all known electron constants and several previously unknown electron fundamental constants as proof of concepts. Electron mass, spin angular momentum, charge and magnetic moment are derived. The cause of particle spin angular momentum is shown to be the conservation of the structure photon's linear momentum in the unique structure geometry. New previously unknown electron characteristics of loop current, loop voltage, loop impedance Z0/2 and electron flux quantum are derived. The fine structure constant (alpha) is derived from the vector geometry. The fundamental charge (e) is shown to be size independent from the constant ratio between particle volume and current loop areas. Size independence sets the value of the smallest charge possible as (e=1.602176487x10-19 A-s) solving a long standing mystery of why the electron, muon and proton all have the same charge of (e).