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Prism Experiments with Laser Beams 2009 ? 2010 Shift of the Light-Point on Certain Days Report and Proposal for Further Experiments

Erich Wanek
Year: 2010 Pages: 3

Smoot and COBE have established anisotropy in the CMB microwave background. The solar system was found to move through CMB at a speed of 370 km/sec towards coordinates L 264, B 48 (galactic) = L 172, B -11 (ecliptic) near Tau Leonis. Earth travels within the solar system at 30 km/sec on its orbit around sun. The laser beam experiment should explain whether, and if so, to what extent, this motion affects direction and speed of a laser light beam.

For a few days around both 4th of February and 20th of April (exactly 5 weeks before and after the opposition's constellation of Tau Leonis) a laser beam directed through a prism has shown slight shifts detected at a distance of 7.5m. The shifts during these days need to be confirmed by a professional laboratory.