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New Transformation Equations which Replaces Lorentz- Einstein Transformations to be Applied inside an Atom

Koshun Suto
Year: 2001 Pages: 7
Keywords: Special Relativity, Lorentz-Einstein transformations, Tachyon, Superluminal velocity.
We have derived that, between the total energy (Eab) and momentum of an electron inside a hydrogen atom, the following relationship is obtained: Eab2+c2pn2=E02, (Here, Eab=E0+En , n =1,2, ...). From this relationship it is easily derived that the mass of an electron inside a hydrogen atom decreases as the velocity increases. Consequently, we reach the recognition that, in the space inside an atom, we need new transformation equations which replaces Lorentz-Einstein transformations. We can also predict that a particle moving inside an atom or passing through an atom will expand in the moving direction and that the time which passes in the coordinate system of the particle will pass earlier. Furthermore, we will find that, inside an atom, light velocity doesn\'t function as the upper velocity in the nature. From this, we can predict the existence of a tachyon moving at superluminal velocity.