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Thought Experiments whose Results do not Agree with the Prediction of Special Relativity

Koshun Suto
Year: 2001 Pages: 15
Keywords: Special Relativity, Absolute Rest System of Coordinates, Ether-Drift, Depth Rest System of Coordinates, Depth Velocity Vector, Relative Absolute System of Coordinates.
Einstein changed the problem of ether from the discussion of whether or not it exists to that of whether or not it is necessary as a concept or a hypothesis. It is true that if we give the vacuum the property as a medium that transmits light, it becomes unnecessary to search for ether as substance. Even so, we have to search for an experiment to decide whether the propagation of light emitted from the light source is isotropic or anisotropic relative to the light source. An experiment like that was formerly considered nonexistent, but this paper will show it is existent. In the process of Thought experiments of this paper, we will find different results from the prediction by Special Relativity. As the cause of that, we will show the existence of an unknown velocity vector Einstein denied.