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The Role of Particle Beams and Electrical Currents in the Plasma Universe

Anthony L. Peratt
Year: 1988
Laser and Particle Beams (ISSN 0263-0346), vol. 6, Aug. 1988, p. 471-491. Cosmic plasma physics and the concept of the universe is in a state of rapid revision. This change started with in situ measurements of plasmas in earth\'s ionosphere, cometary atmospheres, and planetary magnetospheres; the transition of knowledge from laboratory experiments to astrophysical phenomena; discoveries of helical and filamentary plasma structures in the Galaxy and double radio sources; and the particle simulation of plasmas not accessible to in situ measurement. Because of these, Birkeland (field-aligned) currents, double layers, and magnetic-field-aligned electric fields are now known to be far more important to the evolution of space plasma, including the acceleration of charged particles to high energies, than previously thought. This paper reviews the observational evidence for a plasma universe threaded by Birkeland currents and particle beams.