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The Proposed BB/LB/FLINE Concept: Unifying a Modified Big Bang with the LB/FLINE Model of Universal Origins and Evolution

Alexander A. Scarborough
Year: 2008 Pages: 3
The proposed BB/LB/FLINE Concept: Unifying a modified BB with the LB/FLINE model of origins of Universal Systems. Due to lack of a viable alternative, the unsubstantiated BB concept has become well-entrenched in scientific literature. While most scientists recognize its mythical (Sagan) and conjectural (Hawking) status, they are forced to interpret their amazing discoveries in the BB perspective. Since myth begets myths, futility is too often the reason that science remains stymied in spite of such brilliance. However, most, if not all, discoveries do fit precisely into the revolutionary LB/FLINE model of origins of universal systems. This paper presents a viable alternative that offers a way out of the maze. Altering the initial stage of the BB via elimination of the impossibility of all universal energy/matter being contained in a very small mass will enable science to get back on the right train of thought. Once past the initial stage of the BB inflation, the LB/FLINE will take control via its processes of creating black spheres of space-time, the densest form of energy, the source of all galaxies, each containing billions of stars embedded in hot gaseous dust-clouds. The smaller stars eventually evolve into planets of various sizes through five readily observable stages of evolution via Internal Nucleosynthesis. The LB/FLINE model is soundly based on the five laws of planetary motion that offer substantial evidence for definitive solutions to planetary and, eventually, all universal anomalies.