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From Zero to Infinity and Back in Zero Time

Satya Pal Asija
Year: 2010 Pages: 3
Keywords: Zero, infinity, nothing, absolute, relative,

This paper and concomitant presentation contrary to intuition and experience prove the unity of zero, 1 and infinity. The paper delineates the following concepts:

  1. Similarities and differences between zero and infinity and relative and absolute as well as finite and infinite (or point) number line
  2. The infinitude of point and the point of infinitude
  3. How zero, 1 and infinity equal each other as well as their reciprocals
  4. Limit if any to Zoom-In and Zoom Out
  5. Attributes and properties of Zero and infinity such as Unreachable, Invisible, Indivisible, Incomprehensible
  6. Graphic representation of zero and infinity in relative and physical space
  7. How and why any and every infinitesimal part of infinity is infinite in its own right, unless first partitioned and isolated, even with an invisible but un-crossable veil
  8. Attributes and properties of zero, one and infinity
  9. Conclusions and Outlook
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