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On the Geometry of Rotary Stars and Black Holes

Thierry De Mees
Year: 2005 Pages: 9
Keywords: Maxwell analogy, gravitation, star, rotary star, black hole torus, gyrotation, gravitomagnetism, angular momentum, supernovae shape
Encouraged by the great number of explained cosmic phenomena by using the Maxwell Analogy for Gravitation (or the "Heaviside field") instead of the General Relativity Theory, we study closer the fast rotary stars that we have studied earlier. We find the detailed reason for the double-lobes explosions of supernova, and for the equator explosions. A part of the star is insensible to fast rotation, and at the contrary is more attracting the faster it spins. We find for spherical stars important velocity-independent angles, defining partly their final torus-like shape. We found this by recognizing that moving masses generate a second field, analogue to magnetism, that we call gyrotation.