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Lorentz Transformation as a Complementary Time-Dependent Coordinate Transformation

Alex Ceapa
Year: 2005
We here deduce the Lorentz transformation (LT) as a member of a class of time-dependent coordinate transformations, complementary to those already known as spatial translations and rotations. This exercise validates the principle of physical determination of equations within special relativity theory (SRT), in accordance with the derivation of the LT in Einstein\'s original paper on relativity. This validation is possible because our LT deduction also discloses the real physics warranting Einstein\'s manipulation of several equations in that paper, thus proving the correctness of his derivation of the LT. Far from being an arbitrary dogmatic construction, SRT appears to be a revealed dogmatic theory that can be turned into a truly physical one like operational theory. Radically new technological applications of relativistic quantum field theories then result.