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An Electrostatic Solution for the Gravity Force and the Value of G

Morton F. Spears
Year: 2010 Pages: 10
Written in 1999, published posthumously. This paper claims that gravity is electrostatic, and substantiates this claim by deriving, through basic electrostatic relationships, a simple equation for gravity forces that includes an expression for the gravity constant G in terms of electrostatic parameters. Applied to interaction between two separated sub-atomic particles in open space, the derivation of G results in a value that falls within the range of the currently best known and accepted empirical measurements. The general electrostatic gravity equation next derived is applicable for all physical entities, however small, or large, thus presenting a comprehensive new way of perceiving and understanding gravity forces. A variety of other important conclusions also follow. For example, the electrostatic approach helps to explain why, regardless of the precision of their measurements, experimenters who use different physical layouts may continue to find different empirical values for G.