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Amplified Doppler Shift Observed in Diffraction Images as Function of the COBE ?Ether Drift? Direction

Carlos Enrique Navia
Year: 2006
We report results on an ?one-way light path? laser diffraction experiment as a function of the laser beam alignment relative to the Earth?s velocity vector obtained by COBE measurements of the Doppler shift in the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). An amplified Doppler shift is observed in the diffraction images, and the effect is compatible with a ?dipole? speed of light anisotropy due to Earth?s motion relative to the ?CMBR rest frame?, with an amplitude of c/?c = 0.00123. This amplitude coincides with the value of the dipole temperature anisotropy T/ ? T = 0.00123 of the CMBR obtained by COBE. Our results point out that it is not possible to neglect the preferred frame imposed by the cosmology and they are well described by the Ether Gauge Theory (an extension of the Lorentz?s ether theory) and it satisfies the cosmological time boundary condition.