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Introduction to the Wave Structure of Matter

Milo M. Wolff
Geoff Haselhurst
Michael Weber
Year: 2008

This article introduces other articles in this edition of Galilean Electrodynamics. Topics below are:

  1. The wave equations of Principle I of the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM)
  2. The Doppler effect between two charged particles
  3. Principle II of the WSM

The WSM is of interest to every curious person who has puzzled over the meaning of space and the Universe. Until now the origin of the Natural Laws had been unknown although many persons have sought a The Theory of Everything. The unique feature of the Wave Structure of Matter is to replace the concept of a discrete material particle. The WSM is simple ? Only one wave medium, space, and its two properties, Principles I and II, are needed to obtain the laws of Nature that underlie all science. Applications have appeared in industries where their bottom line is dependent on scientific truth, such as the development of computer chips by Hitachi Corp., and by Professor Carver Mead at the California Institute of Technology for Intel Corp.