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Orbital Time Dilation

Anthony D. Osborne
Vivian Pope
Year: 2008
Keywords: time dilation, Mach, Normal Realism, Minkowski, orbital motion, angular momentum, conservation, Newton, Einstein, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Schwarzschild, perihelion shift
The Pope-Osborne Angular Momentum Synthesis (POAMS) postulates that all motion is naturally orbital and that orbital angular momentum is holistically conserved. This paper demonstrates how the standard time dilation formula of Special Relativity, here obtained in a more economical way, can be incorporated into POAMS in order to predict orbital time dilation effects. These effects are the same as those predicted by General Relativity, but are obtained without reference to the Einstein field equations. It is also shown how the postulates of POAMS, together with these predicted orbital time dilation effects, can be used to derive what is effectively Schwarzschild space-time and hence the perihelion shift effect observed in the motion of planets.