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What Happened? Are We Asking or Telling?

Marvin Eli Kirsh
Year: 2009 Pages: 15
Keywords: scientific cultural social political economic evolution, abstraction, representation of nature, marxism, capitolism, relativity, model of volume, aceticism, religion and science, space and volume,
A conceptual parallel is created between studies in anthropology and natural science.  A  space occupied by ?the conceptualization?  is argued to not only parallel  symbolically the scientifically conceived value of volume as space, but to have an equal meaning- the spaces of the conceptual ordering of nature as manifestations of energy are held to be paralleling  manifestations of the same energies that mold the environment.   A growing historical asceticism attributed to the individual in struggles with nature and himself  becomes destructive universally as the consequence of  scientific activities that are focused from raw curiosities that are distant from real symbolic meaning.