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RF Ablation of Cancer and Microbial Cells

Francis Viren Fernandes
Year: 2010
Keywords: Frequency, Energy, Heat, Cancer, Infection, Microbes, Nanoparticles
A very affordable treatment and possible cure for cancer and infections is on the horizon. Radio frequencies have been proven herein to ablate cancer and microbial cells in-vitro and in animal models. Radio frequencies are free. An inexpensive bio-compatible nano particle has been specifically constructed to ablate cells. The practice and theory of ablation of cells goes beyond hyperthermia. The radio frequencies impinge upon a metal ion, which heats up. However, thermometry studies conducted indicate that heat generated by radio frequencies does not necessarily correlate with inactivation or killing of cells. It is rebound frequency off the nano particle that\'s responsible for ablation of cells. Incoming radio frequencies are fine tuned by a new theory proposed by me over twenty eight physics papers. Radio frequencies are nearly harmless to humans and animals. Biocompatible nano particles survive the journey in mice, for a few hours and are not seen a day after in blood viewed under a light microscope that is collected by tail bleed. Tumors in mice subjected to radio frequencies were studied by histological sections. Reduction in tumor size was observed by imaging and physical measurements of surface solid tumors. The ablation of microbial cells is crucial in patients suffering from cancer. A few surprises appeared during ablation of Candida albicans and Trychophyton rubrum. It is observed that polyethylene glycol 200 enhances the growth of Candida and Trychophyton. Implications and precautions of these surprise observations are discussed. Mycobacteria, Candida, Salmonella, Staphylococci, Trychophyton have been ablated in-vitro by RF at 37 degrees celsius body temperature. This technology provides a leading edge over other conventional treatments for cancer and infections. The cost is less than a dollar.