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Basic Principles of Construction for Over Unity Electro Motors and Generators

Jovan Marjanovic
Year: 2009 Pages: 21
Keywords: Electro motor, generator, over-unity, clean energy, perpetuum mobile

The goal of this work is to point out some important facts in construction of over-unity electro motors and generators, where output energy of the machine is greater than the mechanical energy invested on the input side of the machine. If some of the output energy of the generator is directed to the input side of the machine then perpetual motion can be achieved or perpetuum mobile.

In this work the author will discuss:

  • principle of using unbalanced magnetic forces for construction of over unity machines
  • principle of using movable magnetic shields for construction of over unity machines
  • principle of using high speed rotors to generate voltage in the generator to avoid magnetic drag caused by Lenz's law
  • methods of combining magnetic fluxes for construction of an over unity electromagnetic machine
  • failure of the law of thermodynamics in a case of kinetic energy balance of a river and logic of cosmic aether as energy source