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Quantum Reprogramming - A Long Overdue and Least Intrusive Reality Adaptation of the Copenhagen Interpretation

Evert Jan Post
Year: 2005 Pages: 18
This essay is an unapologetic proposal for incisive changes in the traditional Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Instead of a single system, the Schroedinger ? describes an ensemble of identical systems obeying a classical statistics. Since the Schroedinger equation is now to be taken as solely describing randomized ensembles, it can no longer be regarded, and should no longer be used, as a method of primary quantization such as might be associated with single systems. The variational argument used by Schroedinger for obtaining his equation now graduates to a derivation from pre-1925 propositions of quantization. Following Kiehn [9], pre-1925 quantizations are recognized as part of a mathematical system of period (residue) integrals describing global topological structure of single systems. Since these single system tools operate in a pre-statistical realm, it follows Heisenberg uncertainty, which derives from Schroedinger?s equation, now conveys limitations of observation associated with ensemble randomness. Following Planck, this randomness is maintained by the zeropoint energy. For mathematical details of these conceptual alternatives the reader is referred to ref.5.