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Reformulation of Coulomb and Newton Forces, Exerted by a Source Charge, on a Moving Test Charge Part I: Coulomb Force Exerted by a Source Charge, on a Moving Test Charge

Tolga Yarman
Year: 2008 Pages: 14
Over the years, we were all taught, and did teach that Coulomb Force exerted by a source charge at rest on a test charge, is the same, whether the test charge is at rest, or in motion. Previously we have shown that the spatial behavior of Coulomb Force, or that of Newton Force, is a must imposed by the Special Theory of Relativity, though for static (electric or gravitational) charges, exclusively. In this article we will show that, to presume the validity of the Classical Coulomb Force for a moving test charge, violates the relativistic law of conservation of energy. Accordingly, we provide the correct expression for Coulomb Force exerted by a source charge, at rest, on a moving test charge. It is that, the Classical Coulomb Force in the latter case, is reduced by the inverse of the Lorentz dilation factor coming into play, or the same, the source charge appears to exert a greater acceleration on the moving test charge, if viewed classically. This approach, facilitates considerably, the formulation of the relativistic quantum mechanics. As regards to Newton Force, it allows us to reach the end results of the General Theory of Relativity, though through a totally different set up than that of Einstein, and incomparable ease, and thereby, the quantization of gravitation, just like the electric field, or in fact any field the object at hand interacts with.