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Reformulation of Coulomb and Newton Forces, Exerted by a Source Charge, on a Moving Test Charge: Part II: Newton Force Exerted by a Celestial Body on a Moving Mass, Leading to All End Results of the GTR

Tolga Yarman
Year: 2008 Pages: 8
Previously we have shown that Coulomb Force, or Newton Gravitational Attraction Force (or in short, Newton Force) is imposed by the Special Theory of Relativity (STR), though for static (electric or gravitational) charges, exclusively. Thus, these forces (for static charges) happen to be deep-seated laws of nature. This unfortunately happens to be something totally overlooked chiefly for Newton Force. On the other hand, we have no sign that either force will work, for a moving test charge, the source charge being still at rest. In this article we are going to show that, although it remains a must to adopt Newton law, for static masses, as imposed by the STR, still to presume the validity of it, for a moving test charge, violates the relativistic law of conservation of energy. Thus, herein, we are going to provide the correct expression for Newton Gravitational Attraction Force exerted by a source charge, at rest, on a moving test charge, which right away leads to all measurable end results of the General Theory of Relativity.