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The Spatial Behavior of Coulomb and Newton Forces, yet Reigning between Exclusively Static Charge, is the Same Must, Drawn by the Special Theory of Relativity Part II: Henceforward, Newton Force is Just Like Coulomb Force - is a Deep-Seated Law of Nature

Tolga Yarman
Year: 2008
In the previous article, we have shown that the spatial behavior of Coulomb Force, reigning between two static charges, exclusively, is (not only compatible with, but is also) imposed by the Special Theory of Relativity, more profoundly, the underlying Galilean Principle of Relativity. Herein we do the same for Newton Force reigning between two static masses, exclusively. In a subsequent article, how ever we will show that, quite on the contrary to the general wisdom, neither Coulomb Force, nor Newton Force holds, if the ? electric or gravitational ? test charge in consideration, is in motion (the source charge, being as usual, considered at rest, throughout). Assuming the opposite (i.e. asserting that Coulomb Force, or Newton Force holds, if the test charge is in motion), constitutes a violation of the relativistic law of conservation of energy. Our approach removes the blockade toward a unification of fields, and the quantization of the gravitational field (hindered by the General Theory of Relativity); it yields the same result, for any field, the object at hand, interacts with.