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Straightforward Derivation of MIE's Gravitational and Inertial Masses Via Just Newton's Law of Gravitation and Energy Conservation Law: A New Approach to the End Results of the General Theory of Relativity

Tolga Yarman
Year: 2006
Via "Newton's law of gravitation" between two "static masses", and the "energy conservation laf", in the broader sense of the concept of "energy" embodying the "relativistic mass-energy equivalence", on the one side, and "quantum mechanics", on the other, we were able to derive the end results of the general theory of relativity. Yet we ended up, seemingly, with the violation of the principle of equivalence, the basis of the general theory of relativity. Thus, through a straightforward approach, we found mgravitational = minertial / gamma2, where gamma is the usual Lorentz dilation factor. In the aim of establishing a theory fully compatible with the special theory of relativity, Mie in 1912 had reached the same conclusion, though through an "inverse problem set up". Not having postulated an "alternative principle of equivalence", he failed to carry his theory any further, which presumably led Einstein to ignore Mie's theory. We have happened to achieve what Mie, apparently could not, and have well ended up with the "end results" of the general theory of relativity, via just Newton?s laf of gravitation and energy conservation law, thus without being in the need of the principle of equivalence.