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M?ssbauer Experiment In A Rotating System On The Second Order Doppler Shift: Confirmation of The Corrected Result By K?ndig

Alexander L. Kholmetskii
Tolga Yarman
Year: 2009
We present results of M?ssbauer experiment in a rotating system, whose performance was stimulated by our recent finding (Phys. Scr., 77 (2008) 035302) and which consisted in the fact that a correct processing of  K?ndig's  experiment  data  on  the  subject  gives  an  appreciable  deviation  of  a  relative  energy shift (Delta E)/E between emission and absorption resonant lines from the standard prediction based on the relativistic dilation of time (that is  (Delta E)/E = -v2/(2c2) to the accuracy c-2, where v is the tangential velocity of absorber of resonant radiation, and c is the light velocity in vacuum). Namely, the K?ndig result we have corrected becomes  (Delta E)/E = -kv2/(2c2), with k=0.596?0.006 (instead of the result k = 0.5003?0.006, originally reported by K?ndig). In our own experiment we carried out measurements for two absorbers with substantially different isomer shift, which allowed us to make a correction of M?ssbauer data regarding vibrations in the rotor system at various rotational frequencies. As a result we got the overall estimation k = 0.68?0.03.