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Theorems Yield Via Arbitrarily Altering The Mass of An Object, In Its Quantum Mechanical Description: A Fundamental Architecture, Matter is Made of

Tolga Yarman
Year: 2009
An arbitrary increase of rest masses entering the quantum mechanical description of an atomic or molecular object, leads to the increase of the related total energy, and contraction of the size of the object at hand. Furthermore, this quantum mechanical occurrence yields the invariance of the quantity [energy x mass x size2], framing a fundamental architecture, matter is made of. On the other hand, one can check that the latter quantity is Lorentz invariant, no matter one works on a non-relativistic or relativistic quantum mechanical basis. Thus, it appears that, the quantum mechanical invariance of [energy x mass x size2] with respect to a hypothetical mass change, works as the principal mechanism of the end results of the Special Theory of Relativity, were the object in consideration brought to a uniform translational motion, or similarly the principal mechanism of the end results of the General Theory of Relativity, were this object embedded in a gravitational field (given that, in either case, it is question of a ?mass? change, which can well be considered as an input to the quantum mechanical description at hand). One can further show that, the occurrence we disclose holds, not only for the gravitational field, but generally for all fields, the object at hand interacts with.