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Strong Field Gravity in the Space Generation Model

Richard Benish
Year: 2009 Pages: 37
Keywords: Gravitation, singularity-free, strong field, Schwarzschild, interior solution, black hole
Instead of regarding spacetime curvature as the cause of motion, we regard motion as the cause of spacetime curvature. This leads to a model of gravity having magnitudes of curvature that are nearly identical to those arising in General Relativity for most weak field circumstances. Testable differences are duly pointed out. The most feasible experiment to distinguish General Relativity from the present model would be a test of the interior solution, where the difference in predictions is especially stark. The strong field consequences of the new model are not so readily tested, but a comparison with General Relativity is worthwhile because in the new model there are no horizons and no singularities. The heuristic methods used to demonstrate these results motivate a fresh look at the concepts of mass and energy.