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An Interesting Number in Physics

Dezso Sarkadi
Year: 2009
Keywords: physical constants, exponential relation between physical constants, background of the physical constants, Bode-Titius law, neutral-atom mass formula

This paper aka "The 'Gold Section' of Nature"

Physical constants play important role in physics. It is a fact that the accuracy of the physical constants grows year by year. Special attention is paid to the dimensionless constants; some familiar ones among them are the fine structure constant, the proton/electron mass-ratio, the cosmological constant of Einstein's general relativity, the Weinberg angle in the electro-weak interaction theory, etc. One of the most important questions has for a long time been: are there any physical and/or mathematical relations between the fundamental physical constants? This paper gives a recently explored simple math relation between them. The precise theoretical explanation for this amazing finding needs more detailed investigation related to the physical background.