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Gravitation as a Self-Movement of Matter Due to the Exchange of Gravitons

David F. Roscoe
Arthur A. Larson
Year: 2009
This paper presents a theory on the mechanics behind the locomotive force of gravitation, attributing it to a well-established attribute common to all matter: the radiant emission of energy. The relationship between the gravitational force and its particulate carrier is established and a self-consistent description is provided to explain how these particles result in apparent attraction. These mechanics also reveal a causal explanation for inertia and the apparent equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass. Finally, it is shown that both the classical and quantum behaviors of gravitation can be described by these mechanics, without modification. Recent experimental results published by the ARCS group led by Dr. M. Tajmar [M. Tajmar, F. Plesescu, B. Seifert, and K. Marhold, arXiv:gr-qc/0610015v3] defy explanation within general relativity, but find possible explanation within this paper. If these results are confirmed, Dr. Tajmar's results lend experimental support to this hypothesis.