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Helping the Nobel Committee

Philipp M. Kanarev
Year: 2009

The Nobel committee has admitted a plenty of mistakes at expert estimations of new scientific results on physics and chemistry. It is already conclusive historic fact which it will be inevitable to be studied by historians of a science. Therefore attraction of scientific community of all world for an estimation of novelty and reliability of new scientific result ? the correct decision.

With arrival of the Internet the Nobel committee has made the correct decision: to involve in an expert estimation of results of scientific researches of potential candidates in Nobel prize winners scientific community of all world. Certainly, the organization of this process is charged with the scientist the USA who have received the greatest quantity of Nobel Prizes, many of which - for erroneous scientific results. They convincingly prove it, suggesting to support their nominee in the Nobel winners for deeply erroneous scientific results. Their reference, which copy has come and to us.