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A New Method for Initiating Nuclear Reactions

Edmund Storms
Year: 1999
Keywords: nuclear reactions, energy, Chemically, Assisted Nuclear Reactions, CANR, electron, radiation, waste
Energy from present sources has proven to have serious limitations. Fortunately for the future of mankind, several new but controversial sources of energy have been discovered. This talk will describe a method to initiate nuclear reactions within solid materials, so-called Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR). Propsed is a new field of study which combines the electron environment (chemistry) with the nuclear environment (nuclear physics), two environments which are thought not to interact. The method generates energy without producing serious amounts of radiation or radioactive waste. In addition, the method is suggested as a means to reduce the radioactivity associated with previously generated nuclear waste. A wide range of experience obtained world-wide over the last ten years is described as well as the controversial nature of the method.