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Science and the Liars Paradox

Marvin Eli Kirsh
Year: 2007 Pages: 5
Philosophical truth descends on contrast and paradox at the juncture of self-expression with internal content. In the statements ?I am lying? or ?I am telling the truth? fact cannot be resolved to a truth condition. If it is true, then it is false, if false then it is true, respectively. Scientific theory is allergic to the liars paradox-immunologically incompetent where it is concerned. Yet modern science seeks, in very paradoxical manner, to find a formula for living things from physics theory, to avoid the liars paradox, though not appearing immunologically upset at the truthful admission, if not confident and encouraged with the potential ability to do so. One might argue from the outset, as a hologram which contains the whole in each part, that, in order to have uniqueness, individual differences, apparently evolved by a mechanism of contrast and test, if genetic change/all change, as a forward transmission, does not speak of itself falsely in order to proceed? This question arises if one considers perspective in science.