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Form Generates Form: Time as a Second Order Oscillation From Indecision Between Einstein Legality and Heisenberg Uncertainty

Marvin Eli Kirsh
Year: 2006 Pages: 5
Keywords: Einstein, Heisenberg, Theory of Relativity, uncertainty, decision,path, concepts, experience,prediction, time,energy,space,form,vacuum
Concerning time, relativity, the esoterics of time-space, the ordering of phenomenon into a proper orientation and superstructure with respect to unifying elements, one can employ a linear perspective that both delineates and affirms a perceived aparity to events. This resulting in a circular path shrouded with a lack of explanation founded on unresolvable question. In the creation of higher principles from the normal oscillations of daily cognition that are structured from experience, objective cognitive focus can fail from a lack of definition and perspective to perceived phenomenon and elements that formulate experienced time. This propensity, is a result of frustration to order the world from sensory input that is restricted to perceptions of size, shape, volume, i.e. distances and proximities into some degree of logical accord. In this presentation, the root of all inquiry, change, and time is addressed, though of majority consent that it is inherently unorderable, statistical in nature, that it has a second order that is divisible into elements of the appropriate, proximal and direct, verses the inappropriate, distal, and indirect: other than as victim of the linear and continuous, time is alternately explained as an evolved unperceived second order oscillation of the same identically perceived sensual factors of volume, shape size as functions of distance and angle of perspective.