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The Superluminal Velocity of Gravity Waves

Hal Fox
Bill Ramsay
Year: 1998
Keywords: Superluminal Velocity, Gravity Waves
Manufacturers of equipment to measure gravity, average the short-term fluctuations to obtain an acceptable result. Ramsay\'s study of these short-term fluctuations, or gravity waves, is accomplished by instrumentation based en a suggestion by Michael Faraday. The experimental evidence is that gravity waves are affected by the sun\'s position; by ether celestial bodies; and possibly by artificial means. Experimental evidence suggests that the speed of gravity waves are many times the speed of light. Several Russian groups have reported on experiments with torsion fields and claim that the speed of torsion fields is several orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. These claims are explored in the paper. A demonstration of gravity wave detection equipment will be provided as a part of the presentation. The impact of this experimental discovery on the special theory of relativity will be presented.