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Thought Transference - Humbug or Part of Physical Reality?

Jan Olof Jonson
Year: 2006
Keywords: thought transference, radio signals
Well aware of the fact that 'thought transference', usually called telepathy, with a slightly ridiculing tone, most widely is regarded as just humbug, nothing else, it's really risky to try to deal with it using strictly physics terms. Well, since I myself recently happened to encounter that very phenomenon, with a 100% evidence, I feel a scientist's need to explain it. Of course one could stick to theories of demons or spirits, but that seems not very fruitful. In ancient times it was believed, too, that demons or gods were personally moving the celestial bodies one was able to observe from Earth. One more fruitful way to explain the possibility of "thought transference" is to realize that all the signals we can perceive with our minds inevitably correspond to TV or radio signals, and such are usually generated by resonance circuits. It is also well known that at least analog resonance circuits also are able to receive and add an external signal to its own, known as feedback or mutual induction. The reason why scientists have thus far been unable of performing practical experiments is probably the huge mixture of signals of different frequencies and amplitudes, created by billions of 'brain cells'. How could one e.g. be able to separate all the existing radio signals, if nor first the selective radio receiver had first been invented? A reference to an experimental study performed by a Lettish scientist in the 1940s is also being done.