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Esoterica as a Catalyst for a New Era in Physics and Scientific Inquiry

Donald Reed
Year: 2003
Those who have remained abreast of continuing developments over the years in the field of new energy technologies, have almost unanimously come to the realization that the operational principles of devices documented to exhibit over-unity power and the like, rely on yet uncovered properties of the physical vacuum and its energetic origin.

Many groups have attempted to develop understanding to apprehend the principles of operation of the physical vacuum, as the real source of matter, energy and consciousness. However, they have fallen short in achieving this coveted goal for many reasons. First, a relative ignorance and/or selective omission of the important findings from the above mentioned and related non-conventional scientific research due to the adherence of the maxim that automatically discounts any data not upholding current accepted paradigms. Secondly, since our waking consciousness is circumscribed by this camouflage physical existence, the methods used to ascertain nature?s workings are correspondingly limited to physical yardsticks and dichotomous thought processes. Consequently, although these efforts have been admirable, mysteries still remain which cannot be accounted for by received knowledge. This is perhaps an indication that these investigations have not gone far enough in scope. For instance, perhaps due to their selective omission of non-orthodox results, many research groups have not acknowledged or even considered the possibility that some of these vacuum principles may actually transcend the Aristotelean dual-valued (discursive) reasoning processes that are normally brought to bear to apprehend the wheelwork of nature. In this researcher?s opinion, information garnered from a broader scope of knowledge sources, some of which advocate vacuum models abstracted from the mathematical tools of both multi-valued logic and non-orientable topologies, might actually be necessary for a more fuller understanding of vacuum structure.

Such non-intuitive notions recently propounded by quantum physicists as non-locality, or entangled states, or non-differentiable (but continuous) holographic fractal-microphysics recently developed as a model for quantum processes, or new relativistic-inspired concepts that involve closed-timelike curves, or superluminal wave transmission, or dual nature of the vacuum as a consequence of the multi-dimensioned framework of superstring theory, may be reflective of a necessity to seriously consider such vacuum models.

Towards this end, in recent articles, this author has contributed to this quest for understanding by pushing the boundaries of inquiry protocol in this area of knowledge. In an unprecedented manner, for journals of scientific content, we have underscored the significance of information from specific psychically channeled sources, and deigned to place it on equal footing with knowledge derived from more traditional means. These scientifically-oriented publications in which these articles have appeared deserve praise for their courage in daring to present new ideas taken from sources customarily considered as forbidden to so-called ?respectable? scientific journalism. It is anticipated that when it becomes acknowledged how some of this esoterically divined data is shown to corroborate closely with other important findings from new energy science that you, the technical specialist readership of these journals, will be challenged and inspired to re-evaluate their current world-views by putting these speculative, innovative and counter-intuitive notions to the test through applying the exacting logic of the scientific method.