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Time Variance Gravitational Wave Detector

Peter C. M. Hahn
Year: 2009 Pages: 1
Keywords: Gravitational Waves, Amaldi, Relativity,ether
On Feb. 22, 2009 I submitted an abstract for a poster session to the 8th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves. The request was to present a poster entitled "Time Variance Gravitational Wave Detector" under the topic "Innovative Approaches to Gravitational Wave Detection". The abstract is as follows:

"A new design for a 'Time Variance' Gravitational Wave Detector is proposed. Instead of measuring spatial deformations, this detector will measure the fluctuations in the rate of flow of time caused by a passing gravitational wave. This can be accomplished by placing a triangular array of ultra-finely tuned lasers on the surface of the earth. These lasers will be separated by large geographical distances and connected to a centrally located spectrum analyzer through a fiber optics network. Variances in time dilation, caused by the gravitational wave, will create minute fluctuations in the laser's frequency or wavelength. These variances in wavelength will be observed by the central spectrum analyzer."

I emailed several inquires to the Amaldi contacts asking for a status update on my submission. On June 11th I finally received a letter of rejection (twenty seven days past the conference registration deadline). Their response was "After review it seems that the topic of your submission is not a good match".