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Notes on the Faraday Disc: A Collection of Essays

Bruce E. DePalma
Year: 1995
The Faraday disc is a magnetized wheel. A wheel is an intrinsically self-defining object. It becomes itself only when rotating. The properties of the wheel are determined by the experiments which involve it. The statement: "wheels within wheels" is the philosophical interpretation. Through the Faraday Disc we can connect the forces of magnetism and electricity to the inertial properties of space and time.

An interesting problem is the inertial frame sense of the Earth moving through space. The Laws of Inertia govern the material objects resting on the surface of the earth. But what of the space surrounding the Earth. Would it be the electric, magnetic, or gravitational field which stabilized the inertial frame or can we posit an inertial field of matter. It is clear that the properties of phenomena occurring within matter are conveyed to the space surrounding without matter.

Because of the confusion and ambiguity created by Einstein's "Principle of Equivalence", inertia and gravitational forces have been linked. The search for a purely inertial field has been proscribed...