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The Particlewave: A New Model for Light and the Matter Waves
Year: 2008
Keywords: Particle Wave, Wavelength, Wave-Radius, Frequency, Interference, Photon, Double Helix, Electron Orbit
  • Business manager
    (Special Relativity, Particlewave)
    Born 1926 in Vienna, Austria. After the war I studied economics and have lived in Salzburg, Austria since 1948. I was always interested in physics, particularly in Special Relativity (I can\'t believe, that clocks alter their pace by sole relative motion) and in the question of what light is.

    In 1959 I published in the journal ?Wissen im Werden? some articles on the pitfalls of Special Relativity Theory and on my idea of a ?particlewave?. As a synopsis of both these papers I published, in 1962, an article entitled ?Paradoxien der Relativit?tstheorie und deren ?berwindung durch das Modell einer Teilchenwelle? in Karl Sapper: Kritik und Fortbildung der Relativit?tstheorie, Band 2, Graz 1962. After the end of my active life I had more time for physics. Please see my abstracts below.