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Rejecting Einstein Relativity & Developing Newton Physics

Zifeng Li
Year: 2008 Pages: 22
Keywords: special relativity, essence, philosophy, science, society, influence, space-time view, mass-energy view, Einstein, Newton, physics
This paper discusses the current status of special relativity in science and philosophy, as well as society, the reasons for special relativity becoming famous, three viewpoints on special relativity in academe, four attitudes of public on special relativity, comments of famous scientists on special relativity, periodicals and scientific meetings as well as networks studying questions on special relativity. This paper sums up arguments that focus on special relativity, analyzes the mistakes of logic in special relativity, investigates the authenticity of validations and applications of special relativity, and concludes that the essence of special relativity is a wrong logical inference embarking from the idealist standpoint. It analyzes special relativity??s harm in science and philosophy as well as society. This paper advocates the materialism style of seeking truth from facts and the publication policy of ??a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend??, in order to liberate scientific research from its imprisonment in special relativity. The views of space-time and mass-energy of idealistic special relativity should be abandoned, and the views of space-time and mass-energy of materialism should be restored and developed. This paper re-derives the coordinate transformation between two coordinate systems moving uniformly along beeline one to another, and make it clear that the special relativity is a absurd theory based up wrong explanation of constant speed of light. This paper discusses the relationship between mass and energy. It discusses the measures for supporting relativity. Based on Newton??s space-time view, it advances observation theory of moving objects. It forecasts the development of physics.