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Magic Weapons for Supporting Relativity

Zifeng Li
Year: 2007 Pages: 6
Keywords: relativity, support, thought, artifice, opposition

Published in:

  • Scientific Inquiry, 8(2): 250-255.
  • Science, 2007,(18): 139-140. (in simplified Chinese)
  • Chinese Academic Forum, 2006, (33):50-51. (in traditional Chinese)

It has been 100 years since the time when Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity. The theory has been the center of debate since the time when it first appeared. Three kinds of points of view to the relativity have been produced: support it in its entirety, amendment it as needed, and completely opposing it. This paper discusses the supporters?? methods on how they back up the relativity in ten aspects. The supporters suppress the opponents and their thoughts. This paper simply analyzes the reason for why such phenomenon exists.