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Moving Objects Observation Theory in Place of Special Relativity

Zifeng Li
Year: 2007 Pages: 8
Keywords: special relativity, Lorentz transformation, velocity of light, moving objects observation theory

Published in:

  • Scientific Inquiry, 8(2): 242-249.
  • Geomatics & Spatial Information Technology, 2007,30(4): 11-14. (in simplified Chinese)
  • Chinese Academic Forum, 2006, (32):56-58. (in traditional Chinese)

This paper introduces the basic hypotheses and viewpoints on space-time of the special relativity as well as of the moving objects observation theory. It proposes a new concept called the visual space?Ctime and derives the relationship among the realistic space?Ctime of moving coordinate systems, the visual space?Ctime and the realistic space-time of static coordinate systems. From the analysis of comparison, I conclude that the moving objects observation theory has solved the measurement problem of moving objects. Movement cannot cause changes in length, in time or in mass. Also, there does not any light barrier. So the special relativity should be abandoned.

Be carefull: In this paper, 1st line in (9), 2st line in (10), 1st line in (11), 2st line in (12) are wrong. For the correct results, please the paper "Observation Theory of Moving Objects"