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Materialistic Views of Space-Time and Mass-Energy

Zifeng Li
Year: 2007 Pages: 5
Keywords: Materialism, time, space, mass, energy

Published in:

  • Scientific Inquiry, 8(2): 237-241.
  • Science, 2007, (18): 21-22. (in simplified Chinese)
  • Chinese Academic Forum, 2006, (31): 15-16. (in traditional Chinese)

This paper analyzes the unidirectional and symmetrical lapse characters of time and all-direction uniform character of the three-dimensional space. It brings forth the materialistic views of space-time and criticizes the idealistic views of space-time. On the basis of a detailed analysis of mass and energy, this paper reveals that mass is the essence of matter, energy is the nature of the matter world. Mass and energy can?t transform from one to the other.