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The Essence of Special Relativity and its Influence on Science, Philosophy and Society

Zifeng Li
Year: 2006 Pages: 8
Keywords: Special Relativity, philosophy, science, society, space-time view, mass-quality view

Also Published in:

  • Scientific Inquiry, 2007, 8(2): 229-236.
  • Science, 2007, (19):1-3. (in simplified Chinese)
  • Scientific Research Monthly, 2005, (13):80-83. (in traditional Chinese)

This paper studies the current status of special relativity in science and philosophy as well as society, and reasons for special relativity to achieve its fame, and presents three academic viewpoints, four public attitudes, comments of known scientists on special relativity, and lists periodicals, scientific meetings, and networks studying questions on special relativity. We summarize various arguments about special relativity, analyze the logic mistakes contained in special relativity, and investigate the authenticities of validations and applications of special relativity.  Our study indicates that the essence of special relativity is an incorrect logical consequence from the idealist standpoint and analyzes the harms special relativity has placed on science, philosophy, and society. We advocate the materialistic way of seeking truth based on facts and the publication policy that hundreds of flowers blossom and hundreds of schools of thought contend in order to liberate scientific research from the imprisonment of special relativity. The views of space-time and mass-energy of idealistic special relativity should be abandoned and the views of space-time and mass-energy of materialism should be restored and developed.