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First Open Letter About the Freedom of Science to Some 290 Public Figures, Personalities, Newspapers, and Journals in Europe and the USA

G. O. Mueller
Ekkehard Friebe
Jocelyne Lopez
Year: 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the enclosed CDROM we wish to inform you about the following facts which are unknown to the general public and therefore will constitute real news for the media:

  1. There is no freedom of research and teaching in theoretical physics, against all appearances and against all established laws and against public conviction to the contrary.
  2. Since 1908 and until this day there exists an uninterrupted tradition of criticism of the special theory of relativity. This criticism has been successfully suppressed and excluded from scientific discourse since about 1922, more or less in all countries.
  3. The suppressed criticism of some 80 years has never been discussed in science and therefore has never been refuted. As a logical consequence, the Special Theory of Relativity remains an unconfirmed hypothesis and has never reached the proclaimed status of the `best confirmed" theory of physics. The many suggested "experimental confirmations" are refuted by the critics as wishful thinking if not accused to be a deception of the public.
  4. We have started a Research Project of international scope based somewhere in Germany which documents all publications critical of the special theory of relativity (including some criticism of general relativity) in all languages and from all countries having been published until 2003 and up to the present (still in the making as an open-ended project). The Research Project is published under the author's pseudonym and the title:
    • G. O. Mueller, 95 Jahre Kritik der Speziellen Relativit?tstheorie (1908-2003) [95 Years of Criticism of the Special Theory of Relativity (1908-2003)]
  5. The Research Project has started publication of the documentation in 2001 with the first edition containing the bibliographic data of 2896 publications. The actual second edition of June 2004 contains the data of 3789 publications.
  6. For the start of its international presentation the Research Project has prepared the first English language description of the project under the title:
    • 95 Years of Criticism of the Special Theory of Relativity (1908-2003)